Women Empowerment & Child Development

Mahila Panchayat

Location: South West Delhi, New Delhi

As partner NGO of Delhi Commission for Women, Ehsaas Foundation has played a lead role in setting a system (Mahila Panchayat) to educate about legal rights of women, about govt. schemes for women so as we can eliminate the violence against women in general and women living with deprived socio-economic condition in particular.

Project Mahila Panchayat mainly concentrates, to provide legal training/ awareness to Mahila Panchayat Members to avoid Gender-based violence against women in general.


  1. Formation of Mahila Panchayat
  2. Meetings with the women groups in slum areas
  3. Weekly Meetings
  4. Case handling
  5. Training Programme for Coordinator & Paralegals
  6. Celebration of World Women Day
  1. More active women's group with greater capacity for solving problems of women and those of the community to which they belong are now in panchayat area.
  2. Improvement in legal, health, environmental and political awareness.
  3. More active participation of women in local disputes.
  4. A socially, economically and politically conducive environment for women’s empowerment.

Child Protection

Location: Haryana

District need assessment on child protection in 21districts of Haryana was carried out by the organization. This study was carried out on the behalf of Women and Child Development Department of Haryana. The study was carried out carry out a comprehensive District Need Assessment of Child Protection (DNACP) taking into account –

  1. Population, demography, socio-economic and migration profile of the district
  2. District level Mapping of Child Interventions both government and nongovernmental
  3. Detailed Profiles of the Government and Non Governmental Organizations/institutions working on child care issues to assess their capacities, resources, performance and gaps
  4. Situational analysis of child issues in the district with special emphasis on magnitude of the issue, stakeholders involved in service provision, services available and gaps in services.
  5. Conducted one stakeholder consultation for validation of findings and obtain additional information/ insight into child protection situation in the district. The studies were carried out in the 21districts of Haryana.

Community Awareness Workshop

Location: Delhi

This programme is related with Mahila Panchayat Programme but sanction by Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) on different note. This is a one day legal empowerment workshop which has been conducted on every quarter of a year during 2010-2011. The main objective of this work shop is to empower women with knowledge of their rights.


On the call of our Priminister “Narendra Modi ji, our panchayat has initiated to clean surroundings of their area. The local women participated in the programme .


Location: Delhi

In 2010, a workshop was conducted by Ehsaas Foundation on legal rights of women and 25 women were participated.


Location: Delhi

Every year, on occasion of World Women's Day (8th March) our foundation celebrates women’s day along with team of Mahila Panchayat with the help from Delhi Commission for Women. This day is marked with workshop, music, games, food festival and honoring of local women for their efforts and contribution to society

Leadership Training Programme "Nai Roshni"

Location : Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh

This programme was implemented among the women of minority community of Shahabpur village in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh with the help of Ministry of Minority Affairs. The 125 women aged between 18-65 years were trained in family care, child health and hygiene, welfare related policies and schemes of government, Public distribution system, waste management, Life skill education, family planning, working of Government system. This 6 days workshop included booklet distribution, role play, discussion etc and hand holding for a year for knowing actual implication of our training programme.

The methodology was largely based on emphatic learning through participation and individual exploration of issues through dialogue and participatory exercises. The module of content for training was designed and made in a way to cover major themes. The literature used for this purpose was provided by the ministry. The plenary highly used as a platform for lateral learning began with brief presentations of the themes and sharing of experiences by the participants. The participants were divided into smaller groups for concurrent sessions. One facilitator guided the discussion and encouraged maximum participation in each group.

Children Welfare Program

Location: Faridabad, Haryana

Welfare of children is our prime concern. Advocacy, education & awareness program to sensitize the public as well as government towards the problems of street children. The Foundation has run 25 (15 AIE and 10 Vocational Training Centre) educational centers under Sarve Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) in Faridabad, Haryana. We also run Bhatta Pathshala for children of migrant labourers.

Mid Day Meal

Location: Amroha, J.P Nagar, & Sitapur Uttar Pradesh

This project involves cooking food in the base Kitchen and supply to schools. This project is sponsored by District Administration and students of Government Schools have been feeded by the organization every day without fail. This is a one year project which keeps on renewing every year. This project is started at July 2008 (Amroha) & 2010 (Sitapur). This programme has helped in minimizing absenteeism in approx 3000 schools. of Amroha and 2200