Ehsaas Foundation is a Non Government Organization, established in 2003 with an idea to bring positive changes in health, education, economical and social status of underprivileged section of the society.

Since its inception , The Foundation, as its name suggest "strive for Self-Realization (ANUBHUTI in Hindi) for positive change" i.e. changes in the individual, groups or in community can only be brought when individual, groups or community start thinking or ready for bringing change in oneself/themselves.

We as an organization, comprised of spirited youths, academicians and social activists recognize that bringing changes in health status, educational status, social norms, and economical status is a gradual process and require a concerted and sustained effort along with repeated exposure to alternative ideas.

Our organization is tirelessly mobilizing individuals and community for health, educational, social and economical empowerment.

The Foundation received ISO 9001-2008 Certification in 2013.

Type of Registration Registered Under Society Act XXI, 1860
Registration No. Reg. No: 45697/2003 Dated 20th March 2003
Registration with Niti Aayog DL/2009/0001029


The Foundation’s Vision is to provide a primary support and platform to individual and community for their sustainable progress and empowerment to lead a life with dignity and respect.


Facilitate through various programmes the development of dynamic and informed individual and community to get their share of information, knowledge, technology and economic benefits.


Ehsaas Foundation is comprised of a trans-disciplinary team from Social Sector, engineering and management work across its five pan-India offices in New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Haryana to support our works ranging from generating new ideas to implementation of these ideas. Our entire team has significant experience of working in complex institutional, social and cultural settings and worked across sectors.