Research & Survey

District Need Assessment On Child Protection in 21districts of Haryana:
The study was carried out by the Foundation. This study was carried out on the behalf of Women and Child Development Department of Haryana. The study was carried out carry out a comprehensive District Need Assessment of Child Protection (DNACP) taking into account:

  1. Population, demography, socio-economic and migration profile of the district
  2. District level Mapping of Child Interventions both government and nongovernmental
  3. Detailed Profiles of the Government and Non Governmental Organizations/institutions working on child care issues to assess their capacities, resources, performance and gaps
  4. Situational analysis of child issues in the district with special emphasis on magnitude of the issue, stakeholders involved in service provision, services available and gaps in services.
  5. Conducted one stakeholder consultation for validation of findings and obtain additional information/ insight into child protection situation in the district.

The studies were carried out in the 21districts of Haryana.
Critical Analysis of Socio-Economic Condition of Tribal Artisans in Traditional Crafts Viz Cane and Bamboo, Straw, Grass, Fibre and Leaf, Wood and Metal Medium Based Craft in States of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan And West Bengal:

The Foundation was entrusted by Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts),Ministry of Textile, Government of India, to carry out the research assignment on the said topic. The study report aims at comprehensively mapping the real situation of the tribal artisans in traditional crafts in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and West Bengal.The research study of tribal artisans in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and West Bengal had been intended to provide an analysis of the situation of tribal artisans in Traditional craft viz namely Cane and Bamboo, straw, grass, fibre and leaf, Wood and Metal medium based craft.The findings are expected to inform both policy and programming interventions for the government at the Centre as well as at State level and other related stakeholders.

A study on the status and working conditions of women workers in handicraft sector especially embroidery textile printing, tie and die in Rajasthan:
This study has been sponsored by National Commission for Women. The project duration was for 6 months. The study included the investigation of the socio economic condition of women workers in handicrafts sector of Rajasthan, to identify the constraints and problems faced by women workers in the study area and to identify and analyze functional, administrative and procedural

Research study on critical analysis of socio-economic condition of tribal artisans in traditional crafts viz cane and bamboo, straw, grass, fibre and leaf, wood and metal medium based craft in states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and West Bengal: The study has been sanctioned by the office of Handicraft Commissioner, Ministry of Textile and submitted.

Baseline survey of weavers/artisian at Sitapur, Mubarakpur ,Mirza pur: Baseline studies of 500 weavers were conducted at Sitapur, Mubarakpur and Mirzapur under project Ambedkar Hastshilp Vikash Yojna for different handicrafts.

Changing migrant behavior of Bihari labourer participation in agriculture. An econometric analysis of Punjab and Bihar- This study was sponsored by Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. The study conducted in Punjab and Bihar and interviewed and around 2000 people including farmers, government officials migrants labourers. The study examined the factors which are responsible for shortage of labourers in Punjab.

A research study on comparative study of socio economic condition of women worker with disability in Kerala and Bihar- The study was conducted to find the socio economic condition of disable working women in Bihar and Kerala. The study was sponsored by National Commission for Women. The study also critically examined the implementation strategy of disable related welfare schemes in Kerala and Bihar. The study has been conducted within 6 months. The study included samples survey of 400 includes women, family members government officials etc. The study has been conducted in two cities of Bihar and Kerala each.

Survey of School Drop Outs: Our organization has been entrusted for household survey of school drop outs (6-14 Years) in Lucknow and Allahabad by U.P EFA (Education for All) Board. This survey has been completed by month of Dec 2009.During this project we have been surveyed 769422 households of Lucknow (501376) and Allahabad (268046). This project included efforts of 500 volunteers and our expert team.

Survey of Child Labour: A child labour census has been carried out in Kadipur block in Sultanpur district sponsored by District Administration, Labour Department, Sultanpur, U.P.

Registration of Construction Workers and Other workers- Faridabad, Haryana: This was one year project allotted to organization by Haryana Construction Workers and Other Workers welfare Board. The construction workers and other building workers of Faridabad was target of this project. Within 3 months we have been successfully collected data of 3120 workers and 519 workers pass books have been delivered. The registration of workers involved camping at villages of Faridabad and registered them after documents verification.