Health, Wellness and Hygiene Development Programme

Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS)

Location: South West Delhi, New Delhi

This project has been sponsored by Development Alternative, New Delhi. The project SODIS involved IEC campaigning by different means i.e Nukkad Natak, Painting Competition and leaflets distribution among the JJ Clusters. This the continuation of same last year programmes. This project involved purifies water with the help of sun ray. This process involves disinfecting water by putting bottled water in the sun for 6 hours. It has been found that regular SODIS water user rarely fall sick due to water born diseases. This project is started in Dec 2009 and ended in July 2011

A survey -Dissemination Of Water Purification Technology Project

Location: Delhi

"Society for Technology and Action for Rural Advancement" (TARA), and "Ehsaas Foundation joined together for the promotion and dissemination of "Water Purification Technology" in Delhi.

The organization had the following responsibilities under this programme:

  1. To conduct a baseline survey in selected slums of Delhi targeting households, shopkeepers, health workers, and other institutions.
  2. To establish completion of the survey within a period of maximum three weeks from the date of signing this MOU.
  3. To collect water samples from the slums and provide results of contamination.
  4. To provide survey outputs to TARA on a weekly basis so that TARA can work on collation of data received
Ehsaas Foundation conducted this survey in 10 clusters and delivered the result as per their guidelines.

Dissemination of Water Purification Technology (DWPT) Project

Location: New Delhi

This was the implementation part of the above said survey conducted by Ehsaas Foundation. The project activities was carried out by Ehsaas Foundation in Delhi and lasted for a period of 11 months (1st May 2011 – 31st March 2012).
In this project. Ehsaas was responsible for the promotion of “AquaPlus” as a means of water purification in 10 slums targeting 5000 households of Delhi, as well as wider dissemination of the knowledge of Antenna WATA technology among other development based organizations.

In general terms, the organisation carried out the following activities:

  1. Promoted AquaPlus in 10 slums of Delhi, and establish it as the water treatment method for 5000 households using the methods of going door to door, and utilizing a network of dealers/shopkeepers.
  2. Designed and conducted public awareness campaigns like street theatre, puppet shows, and talk shows once every quarter in each slum, to raise awareness and acceptance of water purification through AquaPlus in Delhi.
  3. Organized two health camps in each slum, inviting teachers, doctors, potential dealers, and households. Build capacity of local health workers on using AquaPlus to purify water.
  4. Facilitated TARA in conducting at least 1 Business Opportunity Workshop in each slum to identify potential entrepreneurs.
The organization provided Quarterly reports in the format provided by TARA .After the program, the organization had been able to:
  1. Established household water treatment (through AquaPlus) in 5000 households from 10 slums of Delhi.
  2. Facilitated in identification and training of 10 entrepreneurs (one in each slum) for setting up enterprises based on Antenna WATA technology.
  3. Conducted 20 health camps (2 in each slum) conducted during the duration of the project.

Rural Health Mela

Location: Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh

First Rural Health Mela Organised on 11-13 March 2011 in Sultanpur, a rural belt of Uttar Pradesh with the sponsorship of Steel Authority of India (SAIL).The three days event marked with free health check ups, free medicines, and free spectacles with other entertainment programme. Approx 5000 people visited this mela and 700 people got free spectacles.1000 people got eye tested. This programme created awareness about their general health problems. The programme got maximum highlights in the local newspapers.

World Water Day

Location: South West Delhi, New Delhi

World Water Day celebrated in year 2011, 2012 and 2013 in Bhawar Singh Camp and Kusumpur Pahari, two slums of Delhi. This programme was sponsored by Development Alternative, Mother NGO of project SODIS. The celebration included the painting competition on theme “save environment save water”. Then followed by our speaker’s observation on use water, wastage of water and importance of water. Nukkad Natak was organized to propagate the importance of saving water.

IEC for HIV/AIDS prevention

Location: New Delhi

Our organization has conducted IEC campaigning in 12 J.J clusters and 2 construction sites of Delhi during 2009 and 2010. The nukkad natak, film show, distribution of pamphlets, counseling and condom distribution were included in our IEC campaigning. Our Program received tremendous response from the community. This programme resulted in increase in the awareness level in prevention of HIV/AID in the targeted community.
Our organization is empanelled with DELHI AIDS CONTROL SOCIETY.


Location: Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh

This initiative was taken with the help from Panasonic Corporation, Japan under the project “100 thousand Solar Lantern Project”. The solar lanterns were distributed among the underprivileged women in Sultanpur district Uttar Pradesh. The Solar Lamps were distributed among 1000 women by Vice Chairman of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan Mr B.P Singh and other local dignitaries.

These lights will replace unhealthy, expensive options with affordable and healthy indoor air and more time for study to their children.